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Neurio Home Energy Monitor W1-HEM

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The Neurio Home Energy Monitor measures how power is being consumed throughout the home in real-time. Information is displayed through an easy-to-use web or smartphone app. Find out where costly energy is being wasted and reduce monthly bills up to 20%.

The Neurio W1-HEM is an intelligent home energy monitoring solution. By logging actual energy consumption data , this device assist homeowners to make smarter energy decisions. Neurio can monitor electricity generated from solar power and is programmable to detect individual appliances within a home.

2 Standard Current Transformers are included with the meter to measure energy consumption. Add solar generation monitoring at any time with the Solar Expansion Kit (SEK-2), which provides 2 additional CTs

Key Features,

  1. Display electricity usage on your phone or web app.
  2. Bill forecasting function.
  3. Simple and easy installation , no wire cutting.
  4. Connect up to 4 x CT transformers.
  5. Appliance Monitoring - Track your appliances in real time with a single sensor.
  6. Solar Energy integration.
  7. IFTTT integration.
  8. Single Phase / Three Phase Compatible.
Kit Includes,
  • 1 x Neurio Home Energy Monitor.
  • 2 x Current Transformers.
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Antenna extender
  • Voltage cables
  • Installation Guide.
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