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DIY Smart Motorized Blind Controller

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Automate your existing blinds in the simplest and most cost-effective way. Kit includes A/C power adapter as well as solar panel.


- Input voltage : 240 V

- Solar Panel Specs : 12V/0.3W

- Input Power : DC Charger 8.4VDC

- Battery Capacity: 7.4VDC/1000mAh

-Torque : 0.45 N.m

Main Features:

- Motor can set upper & bottom limit positions and limits can be saved.

- Two running modes : Tilting and continuous moving.

- Motor can be controlled via bluetooth from smartphone.

- Adjustable motor speed.

- Powered by charger or solar panel, solar panel includes built in light sensor for auto-control.

- Custom Schedules & Timer Settings.

Note: Motor is controlled via bluetooth.

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